On May 28, 2024, at the Rythu Vedi in Mandal Centre, an official from the Horticulture Department, Ms. Usharani, encouraged farmers to engage in oil palm cultivation for economic development. She announced significant government subsidies, including a 90% subsidy for plants and 80-100% subsidy for drip irrigation. The government will also cover maintenance expenses at Rs. 4,200 per acre annually for four years. Ms. Usharani highlighted the high profitability and minimal pest issues associated with oil palm cultivation, with yields of 10 to 15 tonnes per acre. The event was attended by District Area Manager Mr. Pramod, Field Officers Mr. Sreenu, Ms. Rukmini, Mr. Naveen, AEOs Mr. Srinath, Ms. Anita, Ms. Nikhita, and local farmers.

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