Ms. Kanakalakshmi, an official from the Horticulture Department, announced that the government has ordered the cultivation of oil palm on approximately 5,500 acres in the district. An awareness program was conducted on 24th May 2024 at Brahmanapalli Rythuvedika, under Mandal. Ms. Kanakalakshmi highlighted that there is ongoing cultivation on about 1,000 acres in Madgula Mandal and the appointment of a special field officer to guide larger-scale cultivation. Farmers are eligible to receive a 90% subsidy for plants and an 80-100% subsidy for drip irrigation, with specific provisions for SCs, STs, and small farmers. AO Mr. Gautham, AEOs Ms. Josna, Mr. Rajesh, Field Officer Mr.Vikram, and local farmers attended the program

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