On May 18, 2024, an awareness meeting for farmers on oil palm cultivation was held at Rythu Vedika in the Mandal Center by the Horticulture and Agriculture Department. MPP Mandha Jyotipandu and ZPTC member Bokka Jangareddy advised farmers to follow official guidance to benefit from government incentives. ADH Sam Jaykumar highlighted that oil palm cultivation requires water and suffers fewer pest issues, with an average yield of 8 to 12 tonnes per acre. Farmers will receive 90% subsidies for plants and 80-100% subsidies for drip irrigation, along with Rs. 4,200 per acre annually for maintenance. Vice President of Value Oil Company Mr. Rammohan Rao noted ongoing efforts to support oil palm farmers. ADA  Ms. Sujatha, AO Ms. Lavanya, AEOs Mr. Raju, Mr. Raghavendrachari, and local leaders participated in the event.

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