On May 21, 2024, a farmer awareness meeting took place at Maktamadharangate. The meeting was organized by horticulture officials and was supported by Value Oil and Gas Services Private Limited. During the meeting, Horticulture Officer Ms. Soumya highlighted that farmers with access to water can cultivate oil palm plantations, which are less prone to pest infestations and can yield high profits. It was emphasized that the yield from oil palm plantations begins in the fourth year, producing 8 to 12 tonnes per acre, and can continue for up to 30 years. Furthermore, farmers were informed that they would receive subsidies of 90% for drip irrigation systems and Rs. 4,200 per acre annually for plant maintenance over four years. The event was well-attended, with AEOs Mr. Ramana, Mr. Abhinav, Ms. Vandana, Field Officer Mr. Hima Kumar, Field Assistant Mr. Ramesh, Single Window Director Dr. Sreenu, Mr. Vithalaya Goud, Mr. Yadayah, Mr. Janardhan, and farmer Narsimha Goud in attendance.

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