The Value Oil Palm’s Palnadu team organized a highly successful exposure visit, facilitating the participation of 145 farmers. Utilizing three buses and two additional vehicles, the team ensured a smooth and efficient journey to the oil palm plantation located in Hanuman Junction, Gannavaram, Krishna district.
During this insightful visit, the farmers had the opportunity to engage in productive interactions with experienced oil palm cultivators. These discussions provided a platform for sharing valuable insights and practical knowledge about oil palm cultivation. The farmers also toured the thriving gardens and visited the collection center, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the oil palm production process from cultivation to collection.
The visit proved to be highly educational and inspiring for the farmers. Many of their doubts and queries regarding oil palm cultivation were addressed by experts, helping to build their confidence in adopting this sustainable agricultural practice. The exposure visit has significantly motivated the farmers to follow through with their plantation schedules as planned.
This initiative by Value Oil Palm underscores our commitment to empowering local farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from the farmers highlight the success of the visit and the potential for oil palm cultivation to enhance agricultural productivity and profitability in the Palnadu district.
We look forward to supporting these farmers in their journey towards successful oil palm cultivation and continuing our efforts to foster agricultural innovation and growth in the region.

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