On June 6th,2024 , Farmers from the Chowderguda, Farooqnagar, Kondurgu, Keshampet, Talakondapally, and Shabad mandals of the RANGAREDDY district visited the oil palm plantation at Mallkaram village in Dhamapet mandal, as well as the ASHVARAOPET factory zone and nursery. The visit was organized and accompanied by Horticulture Officer Usharani, Horticulture Officer Ashok, and Pramod, the Area Manager from Value Oilpalm Company, along with our dedicated field officers.
During this insightful visit, the farmers had the opportunity to observe the advanced techniques and best practices employed in oil palm cultivation. They also gained valuable knowledge about the processing methods at the factory and the meticulous care involved in the nursery operations.
The response from the farmers following this visit has been overwhelmingly positive. They expressed great enthusiasm and interest in adopting oil palm cultivation in their own farms, inspired by the successful practices they witnessed. This visit has clearly highlighted the potential benefits of oil palm farming and has encouraged our local farmers to consider this profitable and sustainable agricultural venture.
We at Value Oil Palm are excited to see the growing interest and are committed to supporting our farmers in their journey towards successful oil palm cultivation. This visit marks a significant step in fostering agricultural innovation and enhancing the livelihoods of our farming community.

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