Empowering Farmers: Palnadu Team’s Insightful Visit to Gannavaram Plantation

The Value Oil Palm’s Palnadu team recently organized a highly successful exposure visit, facilitating the participation of 145 farmers. Utilizing three buses and two additional vehicles, the team ensured a smooth and efficient journey to the oil palm plantation located in Hanuman Junction, Gannavaram, Krishna district.
During this insightful visit, the farmers had the opportunity to engage in productive interactions with experienced oil palm cultivators. These discussions provided a platform for sharing valuable insights and practical knowledge about oil palm cultivation. The farmers also toured the thriving gardens and visited the collection center, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the oil palm production process from cultivation to collection.
The visit proved to be highly educational and inspiring for the farmers. Many of their doubts and queries regarding oil palm cultivation were addressed by experts, helping to build their confidence in adopting this sustainable agricultural practice. The exposure visit has significantly motivated the farmers to follow through with their plantation schedules as planned.
This initiative by Value Oil Palm underscores our commitment to empowering local farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from the farmers highlight the success of the visit and the potential for oil palm cultivation to enhance agricultural productivity and profitability in the Palnadu district.
We look forward to supporting these farmers in their journey towards successful oil palm cultivation and continuing our efforts to foster agricultural innovation and growth in the region.

On-Site Learning: Farmers Visit Oil Palm Plantation and Nursery

Farmers from the Chowderguda, Farooqnagar, Kondurgu, Keshampet, Talakondapally, and Shabad mandals of the RANGAREDDY district recently visited the oil palm plantation at Mallkaram village in Dhamapet mandal, as well as the ASHVARAOPET factory zone and nursery. The visit was organized and accompanied by Horticulture Officer Usharani, Horticulture Officer Ashok, and Pramod, the Area Manager from Value Oilpalm Company, along with our dedicated field officers.
During this insightful visit, the farmers had the opportunity to observe the advanced techniques and best practices employed in oil palm cultivation. They also gained valuable knowledge about the processing methods at the factory and the meticulous care involved in the nursery operations.
The response from the farmers following this visit has been overwhelmingly positive. They expressed great enthusiasm and interest in adopting oil palm cultivation in their own farms, inspired by the successful practices they witnessed. This visit has clearly highlighted the potential benefits of oil palm farming and has encouraged our local farmers to consider this profitable and sustainable agricultural venture.
We at Value Oil Palm are excited to see the growing interest and are committed to supporting our farmers in their journey towards successful oil palm cultivation. This visit marks a significant step in fostering agricultural innovation and enhancing the livelihoods of our farming community.

Kadthal: Farmer Awareness Meeting on Oil Palm Cultivation

On May 21, 2024, a farmer awareness meeting took place at Maktamadharangate. The meeting was organized by horticulture officials and was supported by Value Oil and Gas Services Private Limited. During the meeting, Horticulture Officer Ms. Soumya highlighted that farmers with access to water can cultivate oil palm plantations, which are less prone to pest infestations and can yield high profits. It was emphasized that the yield from oil palm plantations begins in the fourth year, producing 8 to 12 tonnes per acre, and can continue for up to 30 years. Furthermore, farmers were informed that they would receive subsidies of 90% for drip irrigation systems and Rs. 4,200 per acre annually for plant maintenance over four years. The event was well-attended, with AEOs Mr. Ramana, Mr. Abhinav, Ms. Vandana, Field Officer Mr. Hima Kumar, Field Assistant Mr. Ramesh, Single Window Director Dr. Sreenu, Mr. Vithalaya Goud, Mr. Yadayah, Mr. Janardhan, and farmer Narsimha Goud in attendance.

Kandukuru: MPP and ZPTC Encourage Oil Palm Cultivation

On May 18, 2024, an awareness meeting for farmers on oil palm cultivation was held at Rythu Vedika in the Mandal Center by the Horticulture and Agriculture Department. MPP Mandha Jyotipandu and ZPTC member Bokka Jangareddy advised farmers to follow official guidance to benefit from government incentives. ADH Sam Jaykumar highlighted that oil palm cultivation requires water and suffers fewer pest issues, with an average yield of 8 to 12 tonnes per acre. Farmers will receive 90% subsidies for plants and 80-100% subsidies for drip irrigation, along with Rs. 4,200 per acre annually for maintenance. Vice President of Value Oil Company Mr. Rammohan Rao noted ongoing efforts to support oil palm farmers. ADA  Ms. Sujatha, AO Ms. Lavanya, AEOs Mr. Raju, Mr. Raghavendrachari, and local leaders participated in the event.

Keshampeta: Benefits of Oil Palm Cultivation Discussed

On 22 May 2024, Ms. Usharani from the Horticulture Department’s Shadnagar division conducted an information session at Rythuvedika in Lemamidi village. The session focused on the benefits of oil palm cultivation. During the session, she highlighted that farmers are eligible to receive a 90% subsidy on drip irrigation and Rs. 4,200 per acre for maintenance. The expected yield from oil palm cultivation is 10 to 15 tonnes per acre, with minimal pest issues. Additionally, the oil palm company expressed its commitment to directly purchase the crops from the farmers. A pamphlet on oil palm cultivation was also distributed during the event. Notable attendees included Shad Nagar ADA Mr. Rajaratnam, Oil Palm Company Vice President Mr. Rammohan, District Area Manager Mr. Pramod, Mandal Agriculture Officer Ms. Sirisha, Horticulture Field Officer Ms. Rukmini, and AEOs Ms. Sudha, Sameera, and Mr. Vinay.

Talakondapalle: Conference on Oil Palm Cultivation

On May 28, 2024, at the Rythu Vedi in Mandal Centre, an official from the Horticulture Department, Ms. Usharani, encouraged farmers to engage in oil palm cultivation for economic development. She announced significant government subsidies, including a 90% subsidy for plants and 80-100% subsidy for drip irrigation. The government will also cover maintenance expenses at Rs. 4,200 per acre annually for four years. Ms. Usharani highlighted the high profitability and minimal pest issues associated with oil palm cultivation, with yields of 10 to 15 tonnes per acre. The event was attended by District Area Manager Mr. Pramod, Field Officers Mr. Sreenu, Ms. Rukmini, Mr. Naveen, AEOs Mr. Srinath, Ms. Anita, Ms. Nikhita, and local farmers.

Madgul: Oil Palm Cultivation Awareness Program

Ms. Kanakalakshmi, an official from the Horticulture Department, announced that the government has ordered the cultivation of oil palm on approximately 5,500 acres in the district. An awareness program was conducted on 24th May 2024 at Brahmanapalli Rythuvedika, under Mandal. Ms. Kanakalakshmi highlighted that there is ongoing cultivation on about 1,000 acres in Madgula Mandal and the appointment of a special field officer to guide larger-scale cultivation. Farmers are eligible to receive a 90% subsidy for plants and an 80-100% subsidy for drip irrigation, with specific provisions for SCs, STs, and small farmers. AO Mr. Gautham, AEOs Ms. Josna, Mr. Rajesh, Field Officer Mr.Vikram, and local farmers attended the program

Mana Telangana/Adibhatla: Seminar on Oil Palm Cultivation

Collector Mr. Harish highlighted the potential profits of oil palm cultivation at a seminar organized by the Udyanavana Pattu Industries Department and Value Oil and Gas Services Pvt Ltd on October 12, 2023, at the collector’s office in Kongarakalan. He emphasized Telangana’s target of cultivating oil palm across 5,500 acres in Rangareddy district, noting the high profitability and ease of marketing through pre-contracted companies. The event saw participation from District Horticulture Department Officer Ms. Sunanda Reddy, Agriculture Department Officer Ms. Geeta Reddy, and representatives from oil companies Dr. BN Rao, Raghu, and Preeti, along with farmers and departmental officials.

Value Oil and Gas Services Pvt. Ltd.: Enhancing Oil Palm Cultivation

Value Oil and Gas Services Pvt. Ltd. has signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to promote oil palm cultivation in Ranga Reddy and Palnadu districts. The initiative aims to establish 20,000 hectares of oil palm plantations, with investments exceeding Rs. 500 crore. The company will provide best-in-class planting materials and establish nurseries, advisory centers, FFB collection centers, and a modern palm oil mill.

Sardarnagar: Awareness Conference on Oil Palm Cultivation

On 24 August 2023, District Horticulture Officer Ms. Sunanda Reddy discussed the high profitability of oil palm cultivation at an awareness conference near Sardarnagar village. She explained that the horticulture department would provide Rs. 1,160 per acre for oil palm plants, with farmers receiving 57 plants per acre. SC and ST farmers are eligible to receive 100% subsidies for drip irrigation, while BC and OC farmers will get 90% subsidies. Ms. Sunanda also shared insights from a government-sponsored trip to Israel on crop techniques. ADH Mr. Sanjaykumar, Mr. Raghuvarma, Mr. Ramakrishna, Mr. Ratnakar, HO Mr. Ashok, field officers Mr. Pramodkumar, Mr. Srikanth, Mr. Raghavender, Ms. Rukmini, and farmers participated in the event.